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South West Stone is a local, family owned business based in Young NSW.
We manufacturer pre-cast stock water troughs and other concrete products.

Pre-cast concrete for farm or home

South West Stone make precast concrete water troughs, both round and long (built-in float cover), as well as trough pedastals, headwalls, step treads, sleepers and more.

Quality, durable pieces that are designed to be enjoyed for generations to come. Each piece hand made in country NSW.

You often take for granted basic and standard principles in our everyday sinks . . . The materiality of the sink should be robust and have a sense of timelessness. When possible, they should be generous and spacious.

Peter Girgis

Make it yours

Custom made to fit your needs. Handmade GFRC (Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete), our concrete bathroom and kitchen benchtops are all made from our business base in Young, NSW.

Simple yet bold

Make a statement in your bathroom with our concrete basins