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Smart Trough


What is a Smart Trough water sensor?

Smart trough is a water level sensor for livestock troughs. Smart trough came about from an idea by pre-cast concrete trough manufacturers South West Stone. Wanting to create a simple, easy to install device in their troughs that notify their customers when their trough is low or on over flow. Providing the farmer peace of mind, saving time and importantly water. South West Stone approached Newie Ventures, a Newcastle based company who used their engineering skills to bring this idea to life.

Why is water monitoring important?

Water is one of the major concerns for our famers. Accurate management of this valuable resource is key to ensuring the livelihood of stock – knowing when water either needs to be redirected to reduce wastage or when refilling is needed, will create more efficient processes for your farm.

It can be difficult for farmers to keep track of the water levels in their trough. Thankfully with advancement in technology we can now get this information sent to you via SMS. You deserve peace of mind when it comes to your troughs and water.

Why choose us?

Smart trough has been designed to be simple. This means they are easy to install (no technicians needed) and the information sent is easy to understand (no data to download or try to interpret). As long as your phone has mobile reception, you will receive an SMS warning you that the limits you set have been breached. The sensors can be installed anywhere in Australia, no matter how remote, as long as you have a LoRaWAN gateway and reception to receive SMS.

Features of Smart Trough

  • Water monitoring that alerts you by SMS when your trough is running low or experiencing over flow.
  • Information sent that is quick and easy to read. No difficult data to interpret or download.
  • Only combatable with LoRaWAN. A LoRaWAN gateway can easily be installed on your property if you don’t already have it. Multiple other sensors can be purchased that also connect to the LoRaWAN network which makes it multipurpose and a worthwhile investment for your farm, now and into the future.
  • Tests water levels every two hours, an automatic SMS is sent after two low readings. This provides better accuracy of the information whilst providing it to you when you need it.
  • Long range (up to 10km) wireless technology, low power, long battery life (up to 8 years) and low ongoing cost.
  • Easy Installation
  • Shipped directly to you or contact us for installation option.
  • Batteries included

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