Our Troughs

4.8 metre trough
Heavy Duty, 520L. $900Weight: 1800 KgDimensions: 4800mm x 735mm x 310mm75mm thick walls
Standard, 500L.  $840  Weight: 1200 KgDimensions 4800mm x 610mm x 310mm40mm thick walls
4 metre trough  
Heavy Duty, 450L  $800 Weight: 1500 Kg Dimensions: 4000mm x 675mm x 310mm 75mm thick walls
3 metre trough  
Weight: 850 Kg,320L. Dimensions: 3000mm x 610mm x 310mm40mm thick walls
1.6 metre trough
1.6 metre trough 160L. Weight 300 Kg, Dimensions: 1650mm x 610mm x 310mm with 40mm thick wall
1.5 metre round trough        
1.5 metre round trough             $715           

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